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Have you found it yet?

Raglan Roast is here!!!  HIPHIP HOORAY!!  On my doorstep, in Papamoa at the Blended Eatery! Raglan Roast, a blend full of flavour, just thinking about sipping that regular flat white in my keep cup  gets the juices flowing and the feet walking (if you are nearby). Look out for the Read More

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What quantifies that first Coffee Zing?

The perfect flavour coffee blend that satiates the mouth watering  thought? The blend of ambiance, friendliness, energy, flair, mood and vibes on offer as you step through the door to get your first coffee zing? What do you want to feel? Stopped and actually thought?…..what feeling am I after this Read More

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How To Make Coffee With A Drip Coffee Maker

Automatic drip coffee maker is the most popular brewing device. One of the reasons for its popularity is the unmatched convenience. The machine does almost everything for you, and if you follow the recipe, you can get a great cup. Before diving into the recipe, I wanted to remind you a couple Read More


New Zealand’s dedicated coffee culture

Over the last couple of decades, New Zealand has undergone a coffee revolution as many Kiwis have become connoisseurs of their favoured black beverage. The increased popularity of coffee has prompted a growth industry with new cafés and coffee roasting outlets springing up all over the country. Coffee-making is also very Read More

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A New Look at the Timeless Classic

The Italian country side of the Northeast is picturesque in November. Autumn has arrived, and whilst many of the days are characterised by blue skies that contrast with the yellowing leaves on the grapevines, the evenings are chilly, clean and brisk. About 45 minutes north of the canal city of Read More