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Have you heard? Once or Twiice? Twiice as much? Twiice as Nice? “Its unexpected! It’s delicious!” Twiice upon a time it came to me. Looks delicious, handmade here in our land. Definitely eco-friendly!  You can’t go wrong. Order now and let “Twiice” indulge you morning and night. Great concept (once)! Read More

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“New wave coffee” So they Say?

New York! New York! “Cafes are reinventing the conventional cup of joe with unique flavor profiles and considered presentations” Now, as the flourishing coffee culture – and corresponding demand for a unique drinking experience – sees coffee loyalists more willing to take risks, cafes are elevating the classic cup of joe into Read More


Irish Travellers NZ “ready to fight” say Coffee Club staff

The Coffee Club staff reported that the same Irish family ordered breakfast on Saturday at 10am. A staff member said the family had breakfast, paid and left. However, two women returned and demanded a refund, she said. The women wanted a refund on baked beans, sausages, and toast, saying the food Read More



THE HOLIDAYS ARE NOT QUITE OVER! I happen to come across a fluffy holiday moment going into The Blended Eatery for my morning coffee.  Two lovely little girls, like two sophisticated ladies sipping their Fluffy’s , chatting happily. The early morning freshness still in the air, added by a warmth Read More

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What was your best Café on holiday

It is that gift of Philly’s friendly smile at elCAFE along with the happy chatter attracting and willing you to stop if you happen to be walking along the road or if you are cruising around looking for that perfect coffee at your holiday spot (as I tend to). Not expecting to have anything Read More


Have you found it yet?

Raglan Roast is here!!!  HIPHIP HOORAY!!  On my doorstep, in Papamoa at the Blended Eatery! Raglan Roast, a blend full of flavour, just thinking about sipping that regular flat white in my keep cup  gets the juices flowing and the feet walking (if you are nearby). Look out for the Read More

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What quantifies that first Coffee Zing?

The perfect flavour coffee blend that satiates the mouth watering  thought? The blend of ambiance, friendliness, energy, flair, mood and vibes on offer as you step through the door to get your first coffee zing? What do you want to feel? Stopped and actually thought?…..what feeling am I after this Read More